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View Kitchens

Kitchens & Kitchen Related Accessories.
Looking for a complete new kitchen, or just wanting to replace the door fronts or worktops for a cost effective kitchen makeover? We have just the solution for you, download our new made to measure cabinet do...

View Worktops

Kitchen & Bathroom Worktops - Worktop Accessories.
We offer a massive choice of premium quality worktops for kitchens and bathrooms from leading manufactures such as Bushboard, Duropal, Formica and Artis. worktops are available in a wide range of si...

View Sinks

Kitchen Sinks.
Our extensive range of kitchen sinks has now got even bigger! We have also slashed the prices on our existing kitchen sinks to offer you even greater value for money. We now offer a wider range of kitchen sinks from leading manufactur...

View Taps

Kitchen Taps.
Our range of kitchen taps just got even bigger with the introduction of the new Caple and Carron Phoenix ranges of kitchen taps on fantastic introductory offers. Many prices have been reduced on our existing ranges of taps and many taps...

View Doors

Doors and Door Frames.
Our vast range of doors and door frames provide a solution for all internal and external projects, from cost effective practical doors to modern and contemporary styles, you will find a door that fits both your budget and styl...

View Building Materials

 Building Materials
Building Materials.
We supply a full range of building products, from sheet materials and timber, to edge protectors and even brackets. Most materials are sourced from local stocks and are available for immediate delivery. Non stock items are usuall...

View Flooring

We offer a comprehensive range of flooring, from economic to top quality laminates, premium engineered flooring, and natural solid timber. We have solutions to cater for any flooring requirements, with engineered wood floors, through to so...

View Bathrooms

Top Class Carpentry offers a wide range of bathroom cabinets, wall panels and accessories designed specifically for the needs of today. All of our products have been selected to compliment and meet the needs of modern living. All of our ba...

View External Doors

 External Doors
Exterior Doors.
FROM ONLY £79.16! + VAT.
So much is asked from external doors, not only must they provide great first impressions, they must be strong, durable, and resistant to whatever the weather throws at them. We offer a huge r...

View Internal Doors

 Internal Doors
Interior Doors.
FROM ONLY £45.79! + VAT.
Choose from our massive collection of internal doors that represent both quality and value, with designs to compliment all types of interiors in homes, offices, commercial, and public buildin...

View Howdens Kitchens

 Howdens Kitchens
Howdens kitchens.
Howdens Joinery supplies a comprehensive range of kitchens designed specifically for today’s homes, with a perfect blend of practicality, durability and visual appeal, they have been developed to compliment the requirements of toda...

View Worktop Accessories

 Worktop Accessories
Worktop Accessories.
In this category of worktop accessories you will find a wide selection of products to help put the finishing touches to your worktops and surfaces, including colour matched sealants from Unika and Bushboard, 30mm and 40mm workto...

View Solid Wood Worktops

 Solid Wood Worktops
Solid Wood Worktops & Surfaces.
Solid Wood Worktops. FROM ONLY £120.82! + VAT.
solid wood worktops are an investment in timeless quality and natural beauty, our solid wood worktops and surfaces are crafted from the finest quality Ha...

View Splashbacks

Splashbacks - Backboards & Accessories.
Feature splash-backs, backboards, and hob-panels compliment a wide variety of worktops and are a practical alternative to tiling, cost effective and easy to install and maintain, splash-backs are becoming an e...

View Flooring Accessories

 Flooring Accessories
Flooring Accessories.
Our range of flooring accessories is where you will find all the neccasary hardware neaded to install, maintain, and repair all types of flooring. In this category you will find joining and cover strips for laminate, solid and e...

View Door Furniture

 Door Furniture
Door Furniture and Hardware.
Our range of door furniture and hardware accessories is where you will find all the necessary door hardware and furniture for all types of applications. Here you will find door locks, latches and handles all divided in to...

View Lock and Latch Packs

 Lock and Latch Packs
Handle Lock and Latch Bundle Packs.
Our door furniture bundle packs offer even more savings and each pack includes a complete set of door furniture, locks or latches, handles, hinges and fixings. Complied from the most popular selling ranges of door ...

View Door Handle Sets

 Door Handle Sets
Door Handle Sets.
This range of door handle sets offer a variety of modern, contemporary, and traditional door handle sets suitable for many types of domestic and commercial applications. These door handle paired sets consist of matching sash lock h...

View Mortice Sashlocks

 Mortice Sashlocks
Mortice Lever Sashlocks.
Our range of mortice sashlocks have been selected to offer a solution from basic security requirements where practicality is a priority, to the high security and maximum security mortice sash-locks that are a requirement of ...

View Rim Lock Knob Sets

 Rim Lock Knob Sets
Rim Lock Door Knobs.
Rim Knobs are the ideal knobs for use with rim locks. These Rim Door Knobs feature an extra long spindle and are supplied with one single rose. Our range of Rim Knob Sets include both economy and architectural quality knobs, usu...

View Door Knockers

 Door Knockers
Door Knockers.
door knockers give a warm welcoming feel to any door that they are fixed too, whist doing this they also provide a valuable notifying function to anyone who has a knocker fitted to their door....

View Security And Safety Door Furniture

 Security And Safety Door Furniture
Security And Safety Door Furniture.
All of our products within this range, offer solutions to security and safety problems, that arise from health and safety compliant issues. They include intumescent strip fire door hardware and furniture, digital ...

View Door Latches

 Door Latches
Tubular Door Latches.
Our range of tubular door latches have been carefully selected from leading UK and European manufactures for their premium build quality and smooth operation. A tubular latch is a common type of latch ideally suited to interior...

View Rim Nightlatches

 Rim Nightlatches
Rim Nightlatches.
Our extensive range of nightlatches provide a range of security solutions for many types of doors around the home and in commercial applications. Nightlatches or rim latches as they are sometimes referred, feature a cylinder lock t...

View Escutcheons

Door Escutcheons.
Our range of escutcheons provide a simple way to finish a lock aperture to good effect, we stock several ranges to compliment most door furniture and hardware fittings from minimalistic oval and Euro profile (with or without cover) ...

View Door Bolts

 Door Bolts
Door Bolts.
We supply a wide range of door bolts suitable for a wide range of applications from simple surface mount slide bolts to ornate and heavy duty bolts that offer a high level of security. In this category you find garage, barn and gate bolt...

View Door Closers

 Door Closers
Door Closers.
A door closer is a mechanical device most commonly used on fire doors, door closers can also used for other door applications ensuring doors and gates are automatically closed when opened by persons or mechanical device. We offer three...

View Pull Handles

 Pull Handles
Pull Handles & Flush Handles.
We offer many styles and finishes of door pull handles that give you a solid grip on any door they are fitted onto, that enables the door to open or close efficiently. This range includes popular styles such as antiq...

View Letter Plates

 Letter Plates
Letter Plates Our range of letter plates, letter tidy's and sleeved letterplates is now even bigger and many prices have been lowered to offer even greater value without the need to compromise on quality. Letterplates are easy to fit and provide a great way to...

View Door Catches

 Door Catches
Door Catches.
Our range of door catches has just got even bigger and we have lowered the prices to offer even better value for money with out the need to compromise on quality. Door catches are easy to fit and offer a simple way to keep doors, cupboa...

View Door Stops

 Door Stops
Door Stops.
Door stops not only protect walls and door handles from impact damage and noise, they can also prevent a door over opening and damaging the hinges. Kick down door stops are also available and allow the door to be held open in any given p...

View Gate Catches

 Gate Catches
Suffolk Thumb Latches & Gate Catches.
A comprehensive collection of premium quality traditional Suffolk catches, privacy thumb latches, and gate catches. ...

View Draft Excluders

 Draft Excluders
Draught Excluder's.
As energy costs continue to rise draught proofing your home is the least expensive and most effective way to save on your heating bills, not to mention the additional level of comfort once draughts have been eliminated. Windows a...

View Garage Doors

 Garage Doors
Garage Doors.
FROM ONLY £241.66! + VAT.
This range of Garage doors are not only suitable for garages they also suit a wide range of other applications in domestic and commercial environments from workshops, warehouses to lock-ups an...

View MDF Mouldings

 MDF Mouldings
MDF Mouldings.
This range of Mouldings Offers Good Effect Finishes With numerous Styles Of hand and dado rails as well as an extended range of Scotia And Skirting available to match...

View Brackets


View Interior Fixings

 Interior Fixings
Handrail Brackets Tubes & Fittings.
Handrail brackets, tubes and fittings, perfect for traditional handrails, wardrobe applications and rails etc. Choice of finishes. ...

View Hardware

Ventilator Grills & Hardware.
Our collection of ventilator grills and hardware. ...

View Push Plates

 Push Plates
Push Plates - Finger Plates - Kick Plates.
FROM ONLY £9.95!
This range of door plates add style and function helping to protect the doors finish from dirt and damage or simply to add style for both contemporary and traditional styles. Doo...

View 28mm 30mm Laminated Work Surfaces

 28mm 30mm Laminated Work Surfaces
28mm-30mm Laminated Worktops And Surfaces.
FROM ONLY £43.60! + VAT.
Our range of 28mm-30mm laminate worktops are a cost effective solution ideal for kitchens and bathrooms and many other applications in and around the home, commerci...

View 38mm 40mm Laminated Work Surfaces

 38mm 40mm Laminated Work Surfaces
38mm-40mm Laminate Worktops & Surfaces.
Much is asked of kitchen worktops, not only must they be durable and able to withstand a variety of uses, they also need to compliment you kitchen. We offer a huge range of laminate worktops and surfaces in a ...

View Solid Work Surfaces

 Solid Work Surfaces
Solid Work Surfaces.
Our range of solid surface work surfaces are the ultimate in cool sleek styling for the modern kitchen and equally suited to commercial applications. Our solid kitchen surfaces are are available in a range of popular designs to ...

View Laminate Flooring Planks

 Laminate Flooring Planks
Laminate Flooring Planks.
This is the new category for our new ranges of planked laminate flooring, this new category of laminate flooring is divided in to sub categories of 2 and 3 plank traditional designs, and single plank flooring categorised by ...

View Laminate Floor Tiles

 Laminate Floor Tiles
Laminate Floor Tiles.
This is the new category for our old and new ranges of laminate floor Tiles, this new category of Tilled laminate flooring is divided in to sub categories of standard laminate floor tiles and moisture resistant floor tiles suita...

View Solid Timber Flooring

 Solid Timber Flooring
Solid Timber Flooring.
This is the new category for our old and new ranges of Solid Timber Flooring, this new category of Solid Timber Flooring is divided in to sub categories of species and style. This category is curently being populated with our n...

View Far Eastern Plywood

 Far Eastern Plywood
Far Eastern Plywood.
Far Eastern Hardwood Plywood is an exterior grade plywood available in a range of thickness and can be used in exterior and interior applications, all boards are made from good quality timber supplied in 8' x 4' sheet sizes. Far ...

View Caberfloor

Caber Flooring is manufactured from high-density particleboard wood and is very durable with moisture resistant properties, Caberfloor is the ideal solution for all domstic and specific commercial flooring. With todays demands for rapid c...

View Beading

Internal Glass Bead For Single Glazing.
This range of glass beading is supplied in 2m lengths made from CDS timber....

View Kitchen Sinks Taps

 Kitchen Sinks Taps
Kitchen Sinks & Taps.
We have now extended our range of kitchen sinks and taps to offer you an even wider choice than ever before. We are now sourcing many kitchen sinks and kitchen taps direct from the manufacturer which means that we can offer you ...

View Glass Splashbacks

 Glass Splashbacks
Glass Splashbacks.
Our range of glass splashbacks are available in various formats and will add a touch of class or splash of colour and fill the void between your hob or cooker and your extractor or wall unit. Glass splashbacks are supplied in a ch...

View Cylinder Locks

 Cylinder Locks
Cylinder Locks.
Our extensive range of Cylinder locks provides you with many traditional style Cylinder locks that encompass most modern security features such as automatic deadlocking, manual deadlocking and anti-drill/anti-pick qualitys. All our C...

View Rim Locks

 Rim Locks
Rim Locks.
Rim locks are for use on lightweight or thin doors which are not thick enough for the average mortice lock and should not be the main door lock chosen for security on an external door....

View Mortice Deadlocks

 Mortice Deadlocks
Mortice Deadlocks.
Mortice deadlocks are fitted within the stile or lock-block of an internal or external door and operated by a key that engages with the levers mechanism with in the lock body. mortice deadlocks typically feature two, three, or fiv...

View Laminate Splashbacks

 Laminate Splashbacks
Laminate Backbords.
Our range of laminate splashbacks and backboards feature Bushboards new Rococo blanc and noir splashbacks made from high pressure laminate with a matt finish, graphite, champagne and amber gloss splashbacks are also available in o...

View Door Knobs and Knob Sets

 Door Knobs and Knob Sets
Door Knobs and Knob Sets.
Our new range of door knobs and knob sets are available for internal doors, cupboard, and wardrobe doors in traditional and contemporary designs including the woodcraft and crystal ranges. Porcelain knobs are also available ...

View Room Dividers

 Room Dividers
Interior French Doors & Room Divider Sets.
Room dividers are an ideal method of dividing rooms to create a separate dining room or lounge, they allow an abundance of natural light and provide a feeling of space and openness in your home, and are oft...

View Lever On Rose Sets

 Lever On Rose Sets
Lever-on-rose Sets.
Lever on Rose are a traditional design of door handle, usually fitted with a mortice latch and supplied in pairs. Our range of lever on rose style door handles provides a wide range of high quality lever handles made from either ...

View Cabinet and Cupboard Knobs

 Cabinet and Cupboard Knobs
Cupboard & Cabinet Door Knobs.
Our range of cupboard door knobs has been updated with the latest designs, and some great offers and price reductions on our existing lines. Most cupboard door knobs now have matching Passageway Door Knob Sets that pro...

View Kitchen Accessories

 Kitchen Accessories
Kitchen Accessories.
Here you will find our kitchen related accessories to compliment the form and function of your kitchen. Our kitchen related accessories consist of larder pull-out units, base unit organisers, cutlery trays and recycling bins. Th...

View Ducts Vents Venting

 Ducts Vents Venting
Ducts Vents and Venting Kits.
Our offer a comprehensive range of ducting, vents, and venting kits to provide venting and ducting solutions for many types of applications in domestic and commercial applications. Ducts and venting kits are required fo...
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